Privacy Policy


Evgeny Ivliev as a Developer (Developer) of this Application values your privacy. Every care is taken to ensure your details and data are safe and secure, within the limitations of the Internet and security tools available. This document explains how we approach the privacy of you and your data, including our GDPR compliance.


Security and encryption of your details and data is key to our Privacy Policy.


The information (your “data”) you store in Privacy Security Defender (Application) will be stored by Developer in an encrypted format using AES-256, the strongest security standard in common use on the internet today. AES-256 has never been cracked, so your data is safe.

Developer will use the latest encryption technology to secure your data; on your device, in transmission and on our secure server space. The data is not accessible by anyone except you, providing you have your Master Password.


Your data is secured on your device in two ways

First, behind your Master Password - each time you start or return to Privacy Security Defender you will be asked for your Master Password or Face/Touch ID. This prevents any unauthorised access by someone who obtains your device unlocked. Your Master Password is securely stored as a SHA-256 hash on the device and can never be read by us or anyone else.

Second, the data you enter into Privacy Security Defender is also encrypted using AES-256 and, where applicable, the device’s own Keychain technology. This means that the data on your device cannot be read by anyone else.


When your device is sending your data to the server, over WiFi, through a direct internet connection or using a mobile data connection, it is also protected in two ways.

First, the data is already encrypted using uncrackable AES-256. Second this encrypted data is then transmitted over an AES-128 bit SSL(TLS) connection to create a secure tunnel between your device and the server, for complete protection.


Your data is not stored on our servers. Only yours iCloud© protected by Apple Inc.©


Developer uses the personal information you provide only to ensure correct working of the Application and to ensure you are the only one who can access your data and to recover from a lost Master Password situation. We will also use the registered email to contact you regarding Application related information, e.g. if your account has expired and is at risk of being removed.

Your personal information will only be used by Developer and its employees & contractors for these purposes and will not be shared with other organisations.

The personal data we have when you register is the name and user name you provide, your email address and the secret questions. We do not have your password in a readable format and we do not have access to the data you store in the app in any form of readable format. Data is retained for 180 days after account closure and then automatically deleted.

The personal data you provide is used only for the purpose of managing your account and providing the service. This includes sending a maximum of three service emails, one to confirm the account is set up, one to warn of closure if not being used, and one to confirm closure will happen at the date within the email. We do not use the email you provide for marketing purposes nor share it. It is secured as described above and accessible only to members of our team that have a business need to do so.

The secret data you put inside the app is not available to us or anyone else in a usable format. It is encrypted such that only you can access it via the security you use the access the app. Again, the data is not shared with any other party.


Developer may make minor change to its Privacy Policy from time to time. You are encouraged to check this page periodically ( for any changes.