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License Agreement

Privacy Security Defender (the “Application”) is a software Application that provides users with a simple, secure place to store passwords and other private or important data across a number of hardware platforms, including mobile, tablet and desktop. All rights to the Application belong to Ivliev Evgeny as resident of Russian Federation.

This Application End User License Agreement ("Agreement") sets forth a legally binding agreement between you and Ivlev Evgeny ("Developer" or "we" or "us"). Please read this Agreement carefully before using the Application on any platform, operating system or hardware. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Agreement, then you may not use the Application. Your use of the Application constitutes your acceptance of this Agreement. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement.

The Application may only be used for lawful purposes and in using Privacy Security Defender, you agree:

Developer its sole discretion, may remove content and block user access if the above conditions are not met.

From time to time we may update the Application and this Agreement. Your use of this Application after we post any changes to this Agreement constitutes your agreement to those changes. You agree to review this Agreement periodically to ensure that you are familiar with the most recent version.

Developer, in its sole discretion, and at any time, discontinue this Application or any part thereof, with or without notice, or may prevent your use of this Application with or without notice to you. You agree that you do not have any rights in this Application and Developer have no liability to you if this Application is discontinued or your ability to access the Application is terminated.


You will be required to create a "Master Password" in order to use Privacy Security Defender. The Master Password will only be used by you and only be known to you. You agree not to share the Master Password and to ensure it is not easily guessed. To help with this, Master Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. You agree that it is your responsibility to keep this Master Password secure and secret and not to share it with anyone and that Developer or its agents has no liability to you if the Master Password is known to an unauthorized party.

Developer and/or its agents will never ask you for your Master Password, nor have access to it.

Please remember your Master Password. However, if you lose or forget your Master Password all is not lost. It can be reset by use of a Security Question. It is not possible to retrieve the original Master Password due to the security standards we employ.


Unlike some other Password Applications, Privacy Security Defender does allow a user to recover from a lost Master Password situation. The Master Password can be reset with a new one as long as the user knows (and maintains) the email address used to register and has set a security question and answer.

It is, therefore, imperative that the security question is unique to you and unguessable. For this reason, Privacy Security Defender allows users to select their own unique Security Question and associated Answer. You agree to set a Security Question that only you can answer and that Developer no liability to you if the Security Question or Answer is known to an unauthorized party.


The information you store in Privacy Security Defender (your “data”) will be stored by Developer in an encrypted format using AES-256, the strongest security standard in common use on the internet today. AES-256 has never been cracked, so your data is safe.

Developer will use the latest encryption technology to secure your data; on your device, in transmission and on our secure server space. The data is not accessible by anyone except you, providing you have your Master Password.


Your data is secured on your device in two ways

First, behind your Master Password - each time you start or return to Privacy Security Defender you will be asked for your Master Password. This prevents any unauthorised access by someone who obtains your device. Your Master Password is securely stored as a SHA-256 hash on the device and can never be read by us or anyone else.

Second, the data you enter into Privacy Security Defender is also encrypted using AES-256 and, where applicable, the device’s own Keychain technology. This means that the data on your device cannot be read by anyone else.


When your device is sending your data to the server, over WiFi, through a direct internet connection or using a mobile data connection, it is also protected in two ways.

First, the data is already encrypted using uncrackable AES-256. Second this encrypted data is then transmitted over an AES-128 bit SSL(TLS) connection to create a secure tunnel between your device and the server, for complete protection.


Your data is stored on our dedicated servers in its encrypted format so that it cannot be read by anyone except you, using your device and Master Password. There is no other way to access the data. The data on the servers are further protected by both hardware and software firewalls to prevent unauthorised access. They are also subject to a secure daily backup to assist in a disaster recovery situation, should this ever arise.


The use of Privacy Security Defender is free for the first 7 days and then a nominal charge is made annually thereafter, until cancelled. Current charges are available on the Privacy Security Defender on the relevant App Stores for Apple.

It is your responsibility to ensure the annual charge is paid to ensure continued service. It is also your responsibility to provide the hardware (mobile handset, PC, Mac etc) and an internet connection, in order for the Application to function correctly. Payment of any internet connections is your responsibility.

If your subscription expires and you choose not to renew within 90 days, Developer delete any Privacy Security Defender data and account information. The account will be completely deleted and removed with no recovery possible. Notice will be sent to you prior to removal and deletion using the email address provided in the Privacy Security Defender account.


Whilst we hope you love the Application and find it useful, we have to point out that it is made available on an “as is” basis. Developer disclaims all warranties, express or implied. We do not warrant that it will meet your requirements, provide uninterrupted service, be bug free or that all defects will be corrected. Under no circumstances will Developer or its agents be liable to you for any money damages.


The Privacy Security Defender Privacy Policy is located at dingoapp.io/privacy. By using our Application, you accept and agree to all terms, provisions and conditions of our Privacy Policy.